About Me – Lady Fabiola

Interview in Darkside

I am Lady Fabiola, a young Woman, naturally Dominant, combining Female Elegance with erotic Sensuality. I live a healthy life, I am a non smoker (unless for a special session) and I have no tattoo’s.
I am highly educated and I have studied psychology. I am a self-confident perfectionist and I know what I want.

I met a lot of wonderful people in the scene.

I am fascinated by the weirdest fantasies and fetishes. I always take the time to have a good conversation before and after the session.

I also believe in Female Supremacy. A Woman can seduce a man to do what She wants.
I know the psychological tricks to fully take control of a man. I know how far I can go until I reach your limits.
You cannot resist Me….
I will make a huge impression on you.
Once you’ve met Me, you will be unable to get Me out of your mind.

I like a lot of things about BDSM, I like the perverted side, the strict rules, the total control and I enjoy sadistic creativity. The BDSM world is so wonderful because I can combine both mental and physical aspects which allow me to take a session to the next level…

Total Control during a session gives Me erotic pleasure.

I have tons of kinky ideas to keep My life exciting!
I will guide you! Come and follow Me into My magic world: A world you will never forget!


I am fluent in Dutch and English, and moderate in German.


Obey Me

Trust, Safety, Respect & Passion


Lady Fabiola

Online Femdom?

Are you not so much interested in a reallife contact, or is it not possible for you to meet and serve Me in in reallife? Are you interested in online contact with Me?
Chat, webcam, online instructions or financial domination?
Then visit My website for online femdom.