Cuckolding & Forced bi-parties

Do you fantasize about being forced to fuck another slave, or to suck his dick? Being raped by me or another Mistress, or by another slave on my command? Being raped as the slut you really are?
Or would you like to fuck a slavegirl, or forced to watch while she gets fucked by another slave and you cannot participate, as your dick is securly locked in a chastity cage… cuckolding?

At times I organise cuckolding & forced-bi-parties in Zaandijk. Together with another Mistress or a slavegirl I play with 2 or 3 slaves simultaneously.
There are three timeslots:
With each hour booked there is half an hour reserved for a drink and taking a shower.


Cuckolding with SwitchSlavegirl (bondage)

There is a slavegirl for me to play with. Or another slave is fucking her or eating her out on my instruction.
You are kept in bondage, watching, there is nothing you can do, nothing you can touch. your cock is safely secured in a chastity cage. The ultimate tease & denial. Pleasure for us, frustrating and humiliating for you, hahaha!!


Strapons (2 Mistresses)

Two Mistresses raping the slaves with their strapons. They take what they want, it’s their pleasure that matters!
You don’t have to participate in activities with other slaves.


Forced-bi-sex (slavegirl / bi-men)

A gang-bang of slaves.
Are you a true slut that will suck cocks and gets fucked by other slaves? 
Or are you the stallion that will fuck the other slaves on my command, while I am watching?
And perhaps… I or the other Mistress may take you, rape you with our strapon…


Eating-out training with my slavegirl

On my instruction you will eat-out my slavegirl, give her pleasure and lick her to an orgasm.
My instructions are clear, but if she doesn’t moan loud enough, I will punish you!


Sissy slut training (with crossdressing)

Are you that sissy whose pussy needs to get fucked? Who has to suck the cock of a slave, while he is being fucked himself by me or by another slave on my command?
Of course you will all undergo this in the slutty outfit that I have selected for you.

The costs

Participating costs € 200 for 1 hour.


Sign up for one of these parties. your application only becomes final once I have received your deposit of € 50 for each timeslot you want to participate.
you will receive my payment instruction by email.