Long Term Imprisonment

How long shall I lock you up?

How long are you sitting like this? One hour, two hours? you have no idea, you have lost any sense of time.

In the distance you hear the clicking of My heels, coming closer, but then, fading away again.

How long will I keep you imprisoned like this? you don’t know.
That’s up to Me to decide, and Me alone!

I am the Boss…

I can lock you up in complete isolation, for short term or long term.
So that you can reflect on your transgressions…

I can keep you overnight locked in a cage. you down there in a hard, cold and uncomfortable cage, while I enjoy a good night sleep in My warm and cosy bed.

Of course I keep an eye on you. Via camera, and every now and then I descend to have a look. And then I leave again, laughing out loud, leaving you behind in misery…

Also you will talk… eventually

Perhaps I should interrogate you the hard way! I know how to make you talk…

Trust Me, eventually they all start talking. Sooner or later also you will break.

Time is on My side… I have plenty of time. How about you?

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