Full Toilet Service

Curious about My nectar?

Are you worth it, receiving what My body no longer needs?

I live a healthy lifestyle, eat and drink healthy, I don’t smoke. That’s why what My body no longer needs has still nutritional value for you!

My champagne is abundant and with a mild taste.
Would you like My caviar, too? Over your body or face, or directly into your mouth? It is all on the menu!

Want to be My toilet for a day?

Would you rather serve Me as My toilet for a longer period of time, for four to eight hours?
I lock you up in My slave toilet, and leave you locked like this. Every time when I feel the urge, I will make use of My slave toilet.

If you want to receive My caviar straight from the source, I recommend reserving at least 4 hours in the morning.

YES, i would like to be Your toilet!


Session (€ 250)Full day (€ 450)